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The history of an ordinary Surinamese family (●●●●)

Slavery. How do you write a family history if there are no written sources? It’s almost impossible, Roline Redmond discovered, but she did it anyway. Successfully.

The top 68 books to survive the summer

De Doorsons on nr. 2 in the category non-fiction

Max Magazine 'Uncle Paul's Bench'

"After my parents divorced, I was brought up mainly by my grandmother..."

Cynthia Abrahams (biografe Cynthia McLeod)

'Redmond overstijgt met haar boek standaard familierelaas.'

In the evening news - Surinam TV

A brief explanation of the research

Never sleep again - VPRO

Radio interview with Roline Redmond

Article by Brechtje Keulen – Amnesty International

“The slavery past is smouldering like an underground peat fire.”