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Book Trailer

The Doorsons

“…And now, I invite you in our humble family house. A house that I have built with words. Come in! Take off your shoes, if you wish.”  

The book trailer about The Doorsons is intended for readers in the Caribbean, the United States and the United Kingdom. The trailer is in English with Dutch subtitles. Two young children perform a slave song in the background.

The making of

Read more about the creation of the book trailer of the book the Doorsons.


A mood board is a visualization of a concept, idea, dream or a feeling. View the mood board used for the book trailer.​


Storyboards are a powerful way to present information visually.​


The Surinamese traditional costume designed for the book trailer

Musical composition book trailer

The music in the book trailer

The notes of the slave song Lula written and practiced.

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