The art of distributing flyers

It turns out to be quite a lot: the 1000 two-sided leaflets that I ordered from the publisher, for the elderly in my network who do not visit a bookstore or library. I have no option other than to tell the world about my work the old-fashioned way. 


Within a few weeks I have become an intuitive distributor in my choice of who I decide to hand out the flyer to: selected people on the street, or a random house.


A man or woman walks towards you on the street. What do you pay attention to? Open face? Friendly appearance? Then ask if the intended recipient wants to be a recipient. ‘May I hand this to you?’ And after the nod of approval, smile kindly, grateful for the moment of contact and hand the coloured sheet with a polite gesture. But the grumpy types are also a target group, although more work is needed to make acceptance possible.


And would my one-person street distribution boost sales? No idea. But that makes it no less fun, because of the brief moment of eye contact, that fraction of a second in which you wordlessly promise to respect the other.


As for the homes, the ideal ones have generous open-plan living rooms of our people; the homes of those who seem to feel safe. First look inside. Nice interior? No-No sticker on the mailbox?


And there you go, flyer in the mailbox. Please enjoy, dear reader, I’ve already done the check for you: it looks great on your desk in terms of colour.


The most pleasant are the vertical mailboxes of the mansions with the tassels on either side. The glossy paper whizzes in silently. When the time comes that I’m no longer able to jog, I will walk a delivery round for local newsletters instead.